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VOX Cinemas Al Hamra Mall



19 December 2021 20:08

Atmosphere and all everything is good but
They has to increase sounds system.
It's not enough.especially all indian flims



31 October 2021 15:37

Loved the variety of foods on the menu. The service could be better for sure at the entrance. The rooms are also a bit too cold so wear something warm.



21 October 2021 14:46

Very comfortable cinema, I feel good there, never feel cold inside, like in other cinema in uae, temperature perfect



18 October 2021 14:11

Good staff who are very courteous and helpful.
Cinema is clean and well cared for.
The cinema is to cold and the seat legroom could be better.



18 September 2021 19:43

Nice ambience. They could do well by reducing the air conditioner cooling inside the theaters. A bit too cold for comfort while watching a movie.



The cinema experience in a Vox cinema is very hit & miss. This one (like some others) unfortunately is particularly bad at not dealing with poor behaviour by other cinema goers.
The last 2 times we have been have been very poor. Today watching Shang Chi there was 1 person speaking loudly on a mobile phone behind us for at least 30 minutes during the movie, the rest of the time their group were chatting meaning we were distracted & missed parts of the movie.
The previous time large families were moving the seat dividers around to accommodate themselves meaning they were too close to us & not maintaining social distance. Also letting kids run riot round the theatre. I keep having to complain to the people behaving badly & to the cinema. It makes the cinema experience unbearable. It is not OK to take a phone call loudly during a movie or ignore social distancing during a pandemic. Its not OK to leave your kids unattended while you go off shopping either. Vox, you are responsible for making sure this does not happen & you're not doing a good enough job. Staff should be using cameras to stop this. Im tired of complaining. I'll try Novo next time.



11 May 2021 14:02

Very nice place good distance available between each others and you can also use the ADCB offer for ADCB users buy 1 get 1 free online



22 August 2020 23:43

Its the best cinema experience one can have in UAE. Dolby 7.1 is amazing. Seats are comfortable. Lots of varitiy of snack available to munch on when you enjoy the movie. Screen is good and at perfect distance from movie seats.only grieveince that i have is that when you book online the seats mentioned and space is not what is actual.in app or website you feel there is enough gap and worth booking but in reality the gap is less.



30 April 2020 18:13

I'd give it a 10/10. You can find stores for almost everything. Well maintained and yes.it has high speed wofi connection for its guests!



03 April 2020 17:52

A good theatre. The screen in small theatres expand during the movie to the maximum so gives a good view. Neat and clean. I feel the normal seats are better than the leather premium seats because the leather seats feel cold to me.



01 April 2020 15:56

World class Mall experience, ample car parking space, golf course outside the mall backyard for scenic beauty, you get everything from delicious food at food courts to perfumes, clothes, toys, books, groceries at the supermarket, pharmacy, kidzone, catch the latest movies every Thursday, neat and clean restrooms. A fulfilling experience for your whole family. Open throughout the day upto 11 pm. Located near Ras Al Khaimah freezone golf course area. Local taxis, local buses halt at this location from Dubai and nearby areas.



01 April 2020 7:30

مكان جميل والمقاعد مريحة وعندهم مقاعد خارجية كثيرة للإنتظار لحين عرض الفيلم وتعرض فيه احدث الافلام والافلام الجديدة سواء كانت اجنبية او هنديه او عربية.



21 February 2020 7:08

I recommend VOX Cinemas in multiple locations, probably the best cinema in the UAE, especially the ”Gold Section”



17 February 2020 10:01

دور العرض جيدة جدا ولكن تحتاج بعض التهوية والاهتمام بالتكييف. بعض الموظفين بخدمة التذاكر بحاجة للتدريب على حسن الاستقبال واللباقة



16 February 2020 20:18

Amazing view of Kazan city, I strongly recommend for travelers and to try the delicious food and sweets



06 February 2020 23:58

The theatre is a gem of RAK. Has an elegent Ambience. The audio and visual effects are fab. The staffs are friendly and the food is TASTY!



20 January 2020 9:29

The timing shown on the ticket was 2.20pm while they started the movie at 1.30pm. Goof up in the system. Rest everything is good



04 January 2020 22:30

The sound and image quality is excellent, whether in standard or in gold. The seats are comfortable. The popcorn is fresh and the drinks are nice.
The real problem is the lack of "savoir vivre" of some people that attend the movies including but not limited to: speaking loudly, using their phones on high brightness, punching the back of your seat, babies crying and young kids shouting (in PG13 movies), putting their feet on the empty seats in front of them, removing their shoes - it ain't the best smell in a closed room, eventhough it's ventilated -.



18 December 2019 23:26

The cinema is really good, and the picture quality of the movies in it is kind of good, but the resolution of the movie itself is not that good, but enjoyable



31 October 2019 6:52

Amazing cinema cool Sound and picture. Only the food and drinks are expensiv. Thanks for the cool movies. The stufff was absolut perfekt. And the Sound was amazing. I say a+ see you again



31 August 2019 17:47

سينما كويسه جدا شاشه عرض ممتازه والصوت فوق الممتاز بتعيش اجواء الفيلم بطريقه ممتعه انصح بيها جدا



23 August 2019 1:43

Vox cinema is well known as one of best cinemas in UAE, In weekdays the cinema seems to be only yours ;)



12 August 2019 20:30

Good cinema but the crowd can be very noisy and impolite. Much recommend the vox cinemas at Mall of Emirates



23 July 2019 17:39

Very nice sound system, good food counters, supportive staff, very clean cinema halls and washrooms



30 June 2019 5:19

It's ok but we are in UAE. I expected more comfort and better viewing experience. On overall normal cinema. Food extremely expensive.



03 May 2019 2:48

Vox cinema is my 1st experience because in alain there is no vox cinemas. I fould vox cinemas very fine and big screen, seats are very puffy and comfortable. We went to see gully boy and audio is very clear, why i am telling this is gully boy film is about rappers and doing rap and the beats, audio was very clear. Next time i would like to visit vox cinemas and want to experience in VIP area. Vox cinema is in another level of entertainment.


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