Safe Step Walk-In Tub Review (2023)

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  • Safe Step Walk-In Tub At A Glance
  • About Safe Step Walk-In Tub
  • Safe Step Tub Options and Costs
  • Customization Options and Special Features
  • Ease of Installation
  • What Buyers Are Saying About Safe Step Walk-In Tubs
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For older adults with mobility issues or muscle or joint pain, stepping over the side of a standard bathtub—an average depth of 14 to 20 inches—can be difficult. Maneuvering into a traditional tub can also be dangerous for an older adult, possibly resulting in a debilitating fall. For this reason (among others), many older adults decide to purchase walk-in tubs for safer bathing and soaking. Many people also enjoy the spa-like features certain brands offer.

Safe Step Walk-In Tub, a popular walk-in tub manufacturer, provides multiple safety components and therapeutic features for older adults on its various walk-in tub models. Safe Step tub models range from a basic “soaker” tub to a hybrid walk-in tub/shower combination.

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KOHLER® Walk-In Bath

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  • Luxury wall and design options
  • 3-inch step threshold for safety
  • Extra-wide door for easy entry and exit
  • Easy-to-grip handrails

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Safe Step Walk-In Tub At A Glance

Safe Step Walk-In Tub

Safe Step Walk-In Tub Review (5)

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About Safe Step Walk-In Tub

Safe Step, headquartered in Nashville, has been in business for more than a decade. The company manufactures walk-in bathtubs, walk-in showers and a hybrid tub that combines the walk-in tub with a shower. Safe Step is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has a BBB rating of A+. Safe Step walk-in tubs are also certified by the Arthritis Foundation as an “Ease of Use” product.

Safe Step Tub Options and Costs

Since each Safe Step walk-in tub is personalized to the user’s needs, Safe Step would not provide any pricing information to Forbes Health for its different walk-in tubs. However, all Safe Step walk-in tubs come with the following standard components:

  • An anti-slip tub floor and seat and built-in grab bars.
  • Anti-scald faucets and automatic temperature regulation.
  • An ADA-compliant rapid-fill faucet, which helps fill the tub faster so you don’t have to sit long before you can start bathing or soaking.
  • A rapid-drain system that allows users to open the walk-in tub door to exit sooner.
  • A no-strength locking handle for easy locking and unlocking.

Customization Options and Special Features

Safe Step tailors each walk-in tub to the customer’s specific needs, with optional features available on different models. Safe Step’s hybrid walk-in tub/shower combination, one of its most popular models, comes standard with the following features:

  • Aromatherapy, which uses essential oils to diffuse pleasant aromas at bathtime.
  • A hand-held shower wand, which can make rinsing off easier.
  • Chromotherapy with seven different light therapy colors.
  • A dual hydrotherapy system that features adjustable water jets for massaging specific areas such as the legs, back and feet, and air jets that create a spa-like effect.
  • A floating remote and electronic keypad, both of which are waterproof and make it easy to control the hydro-jets, air therapy system, heated seat and chromotherapy lights.
  • A contoured, heated seat and backrest that keeps you warm while the tub is filling and draining (the seat preheats in a couple of minutes and reaches full heat in about 8 minutes.)

Experience The KOHLER® Walk-In Bathtub

If getting in and out of the bathtub has become a chore, choose a walk-in tub designed for ease of use and step into a new kind of bathing experience.

Ease of Installation

Professional basic installation is included in the total cost of Safe Step walk-in tubs. However, other factors discovered during installation, such as the need to reroute plumbing, determine new drain locations or fix unexpected repairs, can increase the total cost. Safe Step walk-in tubs are designed to fit in your current tub’s “footprint,” and installation is typically completed within two days, with many jobs completed in just one day.

Working With Contractors

Safe Step has its own trained fleet of contractors that can install your tub, but customers can also hire their own contractor for installation. However, the Safe Step warranty doesn’t cover installation if completed by someone other than a Safe Step contractor.

The Customer Service Experience

To learn about different models and features offered, you have to call or chat live online with a Safe Step salesperson or send the company a message via its website’s contact form.

Frequent pop-ups on the Safe Step website suggesting a live chat with a salesperson can be distracting, but some customers may be able to obtain information they need from that function. With that said, when we asked basic questions about any components or walk-in tub features, no live chat representative could answer any specific question. Instead, they requested contact information so a salesperson could reach out directly.

At the call center, sales agents are responsive and typically available after a brief hold. At the same time, since Safe Step isn’t able to give an idea of pricing or specific models and what they include on its website (because each tub is tailored to the customer), the lack of readily available information about specific Safe Step models and features is definitely a drawback to the Safe Step shopping experience.

Warranties and Discounts

Safe Step walk-in tubs come with a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects, door seals, faucets, water pumps, heaters, blowers and parts and labor on repairs. The manufacturer also provides a two-year warranty on walk-in tub caulking.

Safe Step also offers a “Helping Hand” rebate of up to $1,500 to help offset costs since Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of walk-in tubs. Safe Step also offers discounts to military veterans, as well as financing plans for qualified persons with approved credit.

What Buyers Are Saying About Safe Step Walk-In Tubs

Many customers who reviewed Safe Step walk-in tubs on the Better Business Bureau’s website were pleased with the installer’s attention to detail and clean-up after installation. Most customers were also pleased with the time it took to install their walk-in tub, which ranged from just a few hours to less than a day. However, customers leaving poor reviews cited a lack of customer service responsiveness to complaints or repair requests as reasons they were displeased with their Safe Step walk-in tub.

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Final Thoughts

If you or a loved one has mobility issues or muscle pain—or simply want to enjoy a relaxing soak—Safe Step walk-in tubs may be a good choice. The company’s tubs come with many safety components, and some models offer water jets and other relaxing features, such as aromatherapy and chromotherapy. For tub information specific to you and your home, call or message the company directly for a consultation.

Spa-Like Bathing Experience Without Leaving Home

The KOHLER® Walk-In Bath offers a relaxing experience with an extra-wide door, hydrotherapy jets, 3-spray handshower and an ultra-low step-in.

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