20 Best Places to Download Free PowerPoint Templates (2023)

These best places to download free PowerPoint templates will help you create a fantastic presentation in no time. Since you start with the formatting already done, you need to add your information, and you’re ready to go.

You’ll find a wide variety of free PowerPoint templates below, including templates for games, weddings, business, hobbies, birthdays, technology, Christmas, and tons more.

So, you can use these 20 best places to download free PowerPoint templates from now! All the templates are free, so download the ones you want and then open them in PowerPoint. At that point, you can edit the templates however you like to fit your own needs.


You’ll quickly find the top-rated free PowerPoint templates at fppt.com. Browse their list of templates by categories, tags, backgrounds, or themes to find a template that matches your needs.

There are tons of the best places to download free PowerPoint templates. This is one of them. You can find dozens of categories like abstract, graduation, religious, nature, wedding, and business templates. Plus, you’ll find comments and the download count on every download page to help you decide on a PowerPoint template before you download it.

Presentation Magazine

There are tens of thousands of free PowerPoint templates at Presentation Magazine, including regular and animated templates.

It’s easy to find a PowerPoint template by color, tag, or popularity. Or browse through categories like nature, medical, business, architecture, weather, educational, travel, wedding, and Christmas.

When you download templates for PowerPoint, you get the file immediately because they’re not stored in archives.

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RRSlide also offers free PowerPoint templates, and you can find one that fits your needs by sorting the list according to the most viewed, recently added, or top downloaded templates. It also provides categories and tags to help you find general templates, or cartoon, abstract, social, textures, telecommunication, and other types of templates.

Each template has a screenshot to get a sneak peek of what the actual design looks like, and they’re downloaded as PowerPoint files making it easy to add to your presentation.


SlideKit is an add-on forGoogle slides as well as a collection of Google slides templates, infographics templates, and creative business decks for professional use.


SlideBazaar is a library of premium powerpoint presentation templates that offers infographicspresentation templates, diagram, charts and graphs templates, timeline templates, agenda powerpoint templates, attractive themes and background PPT templates.

They offer a huge collection of free professional PowerPoint templates suitable for various categories.


SlideChef offers free powerpoint templates and google slide templates. They have a huge variety of stunning presentation templates suitable for various categories. They have infographics, animated and brochure templates as well.

Kindly check it out and share your feedback.


SketchBubble offers a wide variety of high-quality full-themed multi-slides PowerPoint templates and single-slide presentations. The colors & graphics look very professional & attractive. You need to create a free account to download the PPTs. Apart from downloading the free templates available on their website; once you register as a free user, you will receive weekly emails with some free templates directly into your inbox.


Microsoft has free templates available for all Microsoft Office products, including PowerPoint. Many of Microsoft’s templates are accessible, so they have high contrast, include alt text for images, use larger fonts, and work with a screen reader.

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All download pages have a large screenshot of the PowerPoint template to help you decide which ones to download. These files are downloaded in the POTXformat, and some can even be edited directly in your browser with the free,online version of PowerPoint.


Over 30 categories of free PowerPoint templates are hosted at Leawo. You’ll find holiday templateslike Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Labor Day, as well as education, business, wedding, and scenery templates, among others.

Please browse the list and preview a template before you download it in ZIP form.

PowerPoint Styles

To find a template that fits your needs at PowerPoint Styles, sort the list by recently added, most viewed, and top downloaded. Or, browse through categories and tags to find telecommunication, cartoon, social, abstract and textures, blackboard, and general PowerPoint templates.

If you’re after a PowerPoint template with a specific color, select black, blue, red, or any other color to see templates with that as the primary color.


Find popular templates that others are downloading or browse by tags, such as business, fun, pattern, green, and others. Showeet provides lots of information about each PowerPoint template.

Subscribe by RSS or follow their social media accounts to get instant updates on their newest PowerPoint templates.


The free PowerPoint templates from Superside let you filter through them by editor’s choice and category. Some of the types include education, music, medical, technology, and countries.

If you’re unsure where to start, check out all the most popular PowerPoint templateson this site.

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Slide Hunter

Some of the free PowerPoint templates at Slide Hunter are listed under cycle, arrows, 3D, timeline, charts, education, strategy, and planning.

As with most of these PowerPoint template websites, there’s an RSS feed that updates new templates.


24Slides is a refreshing website compared to some. There aren’t any ads, so finding a template is much easier than on some sites. Plus, the PowerPoint templates are clean, professional-looking, and easy to find.

Browse for templates for PowerPoint by most popular, featured, or categories, such as maps,organization, andtext slides. If you’d instead use these templates on Google Sheets, there’s a whole section of just those templates. You can also filter the templates by corporate or creative.

These templates for PowerPoint are direct downloads, so you don’t have to unpack an archive to get to them. They’re all stored in the PPTX format.

Templates Wise

Templates Wise has an extensive collection of templates made from photographs, abstract graphics, and clip art. Categories include business, finance, nature, and travel. Besides templates, the site offers free charts, diagrams, icons, and music loops.

Slide Geeks

This website has about 400 free templates which you can download. The great thing about this selection is that most of the presentation designs are unique and professional. There is also an option to upgrade to custom designs.

Slide Team

Another helpful website that offers excellent PowerPoint templates is Slide Team. All you have to do is sign up, and you can download the PowerPoint templates for free.

Slides Carnival

Slides Carnival is a side project of Jimena Catalina, a visual/UI freelance designer from Madrid, Spain. She made the site because, according to her bio, she suffers a lot when she sees poorly designed presentations. Also, she’s publishing these templates so that presenters can focus on creating meaningful content without worrying too much about design.


She has categorized her professional PPT templates (free download) into different categories like formal, inspirational, creative, simple, startup, elegant, business, and playful. She includes about two dozen slides per template as well as free icons.


Designed by freelance graphic designer Kata Ragasits, the free PowerPoint templates on her site showcases her design skills. If you use any of these modern and cool PowerPoint templates in your presentation, no one’s going to think you got it for free!

Each template includes several layouts, and these include title slides, title+content slides, image slides, chart designs, and so much more. She even includes free fonts and a free icon pack for each template.


There are many talented designers on Behance who chose to give away their premium-looking templates for free. Most templates include several layouts you can choose from, so you’ve got plenty of options to go through. Some designers request a link back to their sites or their Behance profiles, so if you choose to benefit from their talent and hard work, don’t forget to credit them accordingly.

Graphic Panda

Graphic Panda curates both free and premium PowerPoint templates, Keynote templates, andGoogle Slides templates. You can quickly tell which templates are free as it will say that in the title like you see in the screenshot above. Their free templates include real estate, medical, health, minimalist, business, and many more categories. For premium templates, you’ll be redirected to template marketplaces like GraphicRiver.


While it’s branded as AllPPT.com, the website’s domain name has been updated, as you’ll notice when you visit the site. There are tons of free templates available, and they claim to add new templates every day. As of this writing, they have over 66 pages of templates.

Templates can be used for school, business, and even commercial presentations. If you’re logged in to Google Drive, you can preview what the slides look like without downloading the template files to your computer.

Slide Model

Slide Model offers membership packages for those who want to get access to their premium templates. And however, if you’re not willing to shell out any money for templates, you can check out their free PowerPoint templates. Some of their most popular templates include academic, business, and general-purpose templates. They give away a free template every week.


Slide Bean is your antidote to slide creation efforts that take a life of their own and stretch on for hours. When you pick their ready-made templates, you can create a professional-looking business pitch deck in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

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Over to you

Whether you are a student, freelancer, or someone who needs to make a presentation at the workplace, you can download many quality templates for free from those best places to download free PowerPoint templates—wishing you the very best of luck in your next presentation!


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